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Cindy Gettig

Cindy Gettig, IOM

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Business Development Committee
Ignite Women’s Council

Get to know Cindy

Tell us about your job position and some of your typical work tasks.
I oversee the business development division with a staff of six that manage all programs, services, events, sales and communications as related to the chamber investors. I think I would speak for our entire division in saying that we do not have typical days at work as we have so many great things we get to do whether it is a ribbon-cutting ceremony, an after hours event or presenting our Leading Business of the Month award, etc. Each day is exciting!

Favorite food

Favorite drink

How do you give back to the community?
We are in a unique position in having so many nonprofit organizations that are investors with the chamber which enables us to give back to the community in so many ways whether participating in the United Way's Day of Caring, collecting toys at Christmas time or being a part of Substitutes for Santa that provides a Christmas experience for 120 children.

Best advice you ever received?
When you are in a leadership role, find the very best people to build your team, give them the tools to do the job and stay out of their way and let them do it.

Tell us about your family/pets.
I am married to Bill who retired from the City of Myrtle Beach. We have one sweet puppy named Jax adopted from All 4 Paws rescue.

Favorite book
The Green Mile

Favorite sports team
Redskins and Tarheels!

Tell us something you wish people knew about you.
Most people know this, but in case they don’t … I love goats!