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Stuart Butler

Stuart Butler

Get to know Stuart

Tell us about your job position and some of your typical work tasks.
As the chief marketing officer, I oversee the marketing team and work closely with our investors and partners to promote the Grand Strand as a year-round family friendly destination and to improve the quality of life for our residents.

Favorite food
I literally eat anything and everything but my mum's roast dinners are top-notch.

Favorite drink
I stick to the two main beverage categories: water and craft beer.

How do you give back to the community?
Since moving to the Grand Strand in 2001, I have served on a variety of nonprofit boards and also coached youth soccer.

What's your favorite thing to do in Myrtle Beach?
Walking along our majestic beaches with my wife, Summer.

Best advice you ever received?
Do or do not, there is no try. - Master Yoda

Tell us about your family/pets.
I have been married to my wife, Summer, since 2003. We have two boys, Oliver and Finn.

Favorite sports team
Manchester United (English Football), University of South Carolina Gamecocks (American Football)

Tell us something people should know about you.
I'm a big nerd. Talk to me about Star Wars and we'll be friends for life.